Reeth with Eric 2004

Supposedly a break and a change from the normal routine, though neither of our lives is dominated by routine. Eric with his uncertain recurrence issue following a ‘brush’ with both death and The Health Service, and me in a constant state of bewilderment, recently compounded by Kath’s demise and a house move.
I’m not sure how it turned out. Different to the squash team who’s emphasis is on self-catering and alcohol. I’m more bewildered if anything. Living from day to day. Working to pay Christopher’s car insurance, flying lessons and university fees. Many assumptions about life are being challenged, not by choice, but because of events. No long term goals. No long term.
Eric must be going through a similar process, but there’s no outward sign. Still in full-time work and taking not one but two Open University economics courses. His latest exploration of how the world really works.
The week was a combination of eating out, two walks, a visit to the cinema, and lots of rest and reading